About us

Our story

At CPP, we partner with businesses across the globe to offer their customers something more. Something that gives a competitive edge, creates customer loyalty, builds trust and drives ancillary revenue. But designed for you.

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Since 1981,CPP’s unique “Life Assistance” products are designed to help people cope with the complexities of modern life.Our Assistance services continue to deliver worry -free life by overcoming difficulties and restoring freedom .From blocking your lost and stolen financial cards, ensuring your journey is uninterrupted if you are stranded away from home, protecting your assets and watching out for you in the cyber world .

CPP provides solutions to enable us to live our life worry less.

CPP Malaysia is moving from strength to strength, partnering with financial and non- financial sectors to continuously deliver exceptional services to our customers .Our services creates turn key products that drives trust,loyalty and engagement while driving business value.

What drives us

Our ethos is one of positivity and boldness, whilst being ever-present in making day-to-day life easier – helping us resonate with modern consumers around the globe.

Our drive to bring value to Business Partners by delivering simple and innovative products that bring tangible commercial benefits runs through the heart of everything that we do. We say yes when others back away, we’ll find a way to meet your needs. 


We work with our partners to give their customers more. Through research and insight programmes, we are fuelled by understanding today’s global consumer and helping them to remove life’s everyday hassles.

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Confidence to connect


In an increasingly interconnected world your identity is your currency. Sharing your life and operating your businesses online can unlock amazing opportunities. We are here to help everyone embrace these possibilities. Our products help customers get involved and offer reassurance by looking out for them along the way.

Freedom to explore


In our ever more mobile lives, we expect to do everything and anything on the go. That means carrying our worlds with us as we move. Our products alert consumers if they forget their wallets and we are developing new products that help make sure that the things that matter in people’s mobile lives are always with them, wherever they go, whatever they do.

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Power to fix


Life can be unpredictable and challenging at times. When it is, people can rely on us to get things up and running again quickly and simply. We want to enable customers and reduce friction in their lives by giving them greater control and immediate resolution when something goes wrong. We have the experience, the scale and the passion to meet this need.