Our products

Products with customer understanding built-in

Our focus is delivering highly relevant, simple to use products and services based on strong consumer insights which fit seamlessly into users’ daily lives.

We are committed to investing in the development of both our existing product range and new products and services.

Before we begin any product journey, we first establish a genuine customer need. Using insights gained from meaningful research, we build products which meet the real concerns and requirements of our partners and customers. Here are just a few examples:

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Card Protection Signature

Peace of mind for cards, devices and Travel


Card Protection Signature provides you 24/7 assistance to cancel lost or stolen cards, fraud protection which includes mobile wallet protection and global emergency travel assistance. We care for your convenience.

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Rob & Run Assist

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Be prepared where ever you are


Rob & Run protects robbed card, your personal belongings and ensure your safe journey home.

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Card Protection Premier

Hassle free with just a call


Eases the hassles of losing your cards, personal belonging and important personal documents. With just one call.

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